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Dr. Surya Prakash Tiwari

Contact Information

Job Title:
Research Scientist III
Phone No.:
+966 13 860 2251  


  • PhD

Areas of Interest


Refereed Publications

  • Tiwari, S.P. and Shanmugam, P. (2011), “An optical model for the remote sensing of coloured dissolved organic matter in coastal / ocean waters,” Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, vol. 93, no. 4, p. 396-402 [IF = 2.333].
  • Tiwari, S.P. and Shanmugam, P. (2012), “An optical model for the remote-sensing of absorption coefficients of phytoplankton in oceanic/coastal waters,” Advances in Remote-Sensing, vol. 1, no. 2, p. 19-34 [Google IF = 1.44].
  • Shanmugam, P., Ahn, Y.H, Ryu, J.H., Moon, J.E., Kim, H.C., and Tiwari, S.P. (2013), “An evaluation of MODIS / Aqua bio-optical algorithms in Arctic Waters,” Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, vol.12, no. 11, p. 2219-2232 [IF = 1.334].
  • Tiwari, S.P., Shanmugam, P., Ahn, Y.H., and Ryu, J.H. (2013), “A Reflectance Model for Relatively Clear and Turbid Waters,” Engineering Technology & Applied Science Research, vol. 3, no. 1, p. 325-337.
  • Tiwari, S.P. and Shanmugam, P. (2013) "An optical model for deriving the spectral particulate backscattering coefficients in oceanic waters," Ocean Science, vol. 9, no. 6, p. 987-1001 [IF = 2.864].
  • Tiwari, S.P. and Shanmugam, P. (2014), “Evaluation of inversion models for the Satellite retrieval of the absorption coefficient of phytoplankton in oceanic/coastal Waters,” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, vol. PP, no. 99, doi:10.1109/JSTARS.2013.2252151 [IF = 3.827].
  • Tiwari, S.P. Shanmugam, P. (2014), “A robust algorithm to determine diffuse attenuation coefficient of downwelling Irradiance from satellite data in coastal oceanic waters,” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, doi:10.1109/JSTARS.2013.225215 [IF = 3.827].
  • Vishnu, P.S., Shaju, S.S., Tiwari, S.P., Menon, N., Nashad, M., Joseph, C.A., Raman, M., Hatha, M., Prabhakaran, M.P., Mohandas, A. (2018), “Seasonal Variability in Bio-optical Properties along the Coastal Waters off Cochin,” International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoformation, 30;66:184-95. [IF = 4.650].
  • Kheireddine, M., Ouhssain, M., Calleja, M.L., Morán, X.A.G., Sarma, Y.V.B., Tiwari, S.P., and Jones, B.H. (2018). Characterization of light absorption by chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in the upper layer of the Red Sea,” Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 133, 72-84 [IF =2.606].
  • Tiwari, S.P., Zarokanellos, N., Kheireddine, M., Shanmugam, P., and Jones, B. (2018), “Particulate absorption properties in the Red Sea from hyperspectral particulate absorption spectra,” Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 10; 70-81, [SNIP: 1.474].
  • Tiwari, S.P., Sarma, Y.V.B., Kürten, B.M. Ouhssain, and Jones, B. H. (2018), “An optical algorithm to estimate downwelling diffuse attenuation coefficient in the Red Sea.” IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, DOI: 10.1109/TGRS.2018.2849026 [IF = 5.855].
  • Rajan, S.M.P. Nellayaputhenpeedika, M., Tiwari, S.P. and Vengadasalam, R. (2019) “Mapping and Analysis of the Physical Vulnerability of Coastal Tamil Nadu,” Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, DOI:10.1080/10807039.2019.1602752 [IF = 2.30].
  • Banerjee, S., Chaturvedi, S. K., & Tiwari, S.P. (2019). Development of Speed Up Robust Feature Algorithm for aerial image feature extraction. INCAS BULLETIN, Vol. 11, Iss. 4 /2019, DOI: 10.13111/2066- 8201.2019.11.4.5.
  • Li, W., Tiwari, S.P., El-Askary, H.M., Qurban, M.A., Amiridis, V., ManiKandan, K.P., Garay, M.J., Kalashnikova, O.V., Piechota, T.C. and Struppa, D.C., (2020). Synergistic Use of Remote Sensing and Modeling for Estimating Net Primary Productivity in the Red Sea With VGPM, Eppley-VGPM, and CbPM Models Intercomparison. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, DOI: 10.1109/TGRS.2020.2990373 [IF = 5.855].


  • Int. Shaastra Symposium (Technical Fest) at IIT Madras, Chennai and placed at the 2nd prize in an event titled “Make Healthcare Inclusive in India” September 2011.
  • Best mini-project group award for PORSEC pre-conference tutorial 2012, Oct. 30 to Nov. 3, 2012, at the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) in Kochi, India.
  • Student Travel grant to Ocean Optics 2012 provided by the NASA, U.S. through a grant administered by the Oceanography Society.
  • Institute Travel Grant from IIT Madras for attending an international conference in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. (2012).
  • Half-time teaching/research assistantship (HTRA) fellowship for Ph.D.
  • Postdoc fellowship provided by Research Foundation, City College of the City University of New York, USA (2013).
  • Postdoc fellowship provided by KAUST (2014).
  • Prestigious IOCCG Scholarship and Certificate, International Ocean Color Coordinating Group (IOCCG), Frontiers in Ocean Optics and Ocean Color Science (2014).

Professional Affiliations

  • Optical Society of America (OSA)
  • EGU, Regular Member 2015, since 2015EGU
  • Complimentary Member 2013, since 2013


  • Journal Reviewer: Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans
  • Journal Reviewer: Journal of Remote Sensing of Environment
  • Journal Reviewer: Ocean Science
  • Journal Reviewer: Optics Express
  • Journal Reviewer: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • Journal Reviewer: Estuarine and Coastal Shelf Science
  • Journal Reviewer: Remote Sensing
  • Journal Reviewer: Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics