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Center for Environment & Water Fourth Quarter KPIs: Targets and Achievements

03-Feb-2021 to 03-Feb-2021

Center for Environment & Water Fourth Quarter KPIs: Targets and Achievements       

Date        : Thursday, Oct 08, 2020

Time       : 10:00AM – 10:30 AM

Location  : Online Zoom Room  


Moderators:  Dr. Nabil S. Abuzaid  

Research Engineer-I, CEW, KFUPM-RI.

Mr. Humayun Baig  

Engineer-II, CEW, KFUPM-RI.



     Center for Environment & Water (CEW) prepared 17 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the year 2020, based on established strategic objectives. These KPIs resulted from a collective effort of different CEW research groups. On April 16th, July 09th and Oct 8th of 2020, CEW conducted its first, second and third workshops, respectively, to discuss the quarterly targets and achievements. During these workshops, scrutiny of details showed best outcomes between the targets and KPIs achievements, particularly during COVID-19 lockdown. Wherever needed, recommendations were made to improve KPIs accomplishments. Accordingly, great efforts were made by CEW research groups in that direction. In this workshop, targets, and achievements of the Fourth quarter and overall for the year 2020 will be discussed.



• Investigate mismatch reasons.


• Recommend solutions and redirections, particularly, in relation with COVID-19 situation.


• Getting public opinion as feedback.


• Introduction Speech and Overview of CEW strategic Objectives: CEW Director, Dr. Fahad S. Al-Ismail


• CEW KPIs, Background and Previous Quarters Results: Dr. Nabil Abuzaid..


• Q4 Status: Moderated by Mr. Humayun Baig with the involvement of Center Director, Groups Leaders and KPIs Leaders.


• Conclusions: Dr. Nabil Abuzaid.


• Ending Remarks: Dr. Fahad S. Al-Ismail.


• Public opinion as feedback and remarks.

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