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CEW-RI weekly Seminar on January 06, 2021 by Mr. Azher

06-Jan-2021 to 06-Jan-2021

Development of Preliminary Terrestrial Environmental Sensitivity Map for Saudi Arabia       

Date        : Wednesday, Jan 01,2021

Time       : 10:00AM – 10:30 AM

Location  : Online Zoom Room  


Speaker: Mr. Syed Azher Hussain  

Scientist- I, CEW-RI, KFUPM



     Environmental sensitivity mapping is about integration of various natural ecological resources of the country to identify the area’s which are environmentally sensitive or in other words area’s which have high environmental importance. Environmental sensitivity map plays a key role in conservation of biodiversity and forms basis for contingency planning. One of the most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for Center of Environment & Water (CEW) for the year 2020, is about developing a preliminary Terrestrial Environmental Sensitivity Map for Saudi Arabia (CEW KPI # 15). In this presentation, we will focus on the methodology that was adopted in developing this sensitivity map. Subsequently, discussion will be carried out on various natural resources used as input for the map such as Archeological sites, Plant diversity hotspots, bird sites etc.. The Geographical Information System (GIS) approach used to integrate raw data and ArcGIS model development will be explained. The preliminary output of the sensitivity map will also be presented.

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