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Seminar: Nuances of Communicating Science Through Research Reports/Research Papers

02-Jan-2020 to 02-Jan-2020

Date        : Thursday, Jan 02, 2020

Time       : 2:00 – 2:30 PM

Location  : Building 15, 4th floor Auditorium 

Speaker:  Dr. Ajmal Khan. S., Consultant, CEW, KFUPM-RI.


    Communicating Science through standard formats such as Research Reports/Research Papers has increasingly become the norm for sharing scientific information throughout the world. In fact, all the scientific research projects have these requirements. To succeed, the researchers should develop good scientific communication skill. It is not necessary for a plumber to write about pipes. Same way it is not necessary for a lawyer to write about the cases he is arguing for in a court of law, except brief writing. But for a research scientist, uniquely among all the trades and profession, he/she must provide a document stating, what he/she did, how it was done, what were the findings and what was learned from the results. These make the profession of a research scientist quite unique.  The scientists are not measured primarily by their knowledge, dexterity in laboratory manipulations and not certainly by their charm and wits. They are measured and known (or remain unknown) by their scientific communication and publications. Thus, the research scientists must not only “do” science but also communicate. Bad communication often leads to the suspicion that bad science is being practiced. This presentation covers briefly details regarding the history of science communication, its key characteristics and components focusing mainly on points of practical importance. 

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