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  • Oceanography

  • Marine Habitat Monitoring

  • Fisheries

  • Marine Ecology

  • Marine Algal Ecology

  • Coral Reef Biology

  • Water and Sediment Quality

  • Phytoplankton and Zooplankton

  • Waste Management

  • Water Resource Management

  • Ecotoxicology

  • Bioaccumulation and Biomarkers

  • Terrestrial Ecosystems

  • Biotope Mapping

  • Environmental

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Management


Director's Message

Dr. Wail Sulaiman Falath
It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Center for Environment & Water (CEW) at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. Established more than forty years ago, CEW is actively engaged in serving the Kingdom in research areas related to Environment and Water.Having state-of-the art research facilities, the center provides advisory services to the industry, policy makers and the public by establishing synergies between scientific research and its application in tune with the needs of the country and its people. We have developed partnerships with governmental organizations as well as private companies and corporations. CEW has been playing a major role in supporting the oil and gas industry by conducting numerous environmental impact assessments and monitoring related projects. The Center’s strength lies in its energetic teams of multidisciplinary professionals and experts whose pioneering spirits are the major force driving the efforts to create innovative solutions to practical problems. Of about 90 staff, 35 hold Ph.D. degrees, 36 hold MS degrees, and 15 hold BS and other degrees and certifications.

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CEW in Figures

~50Years of Experience
~20Number of Clients
~60Active Projects
~250Total Projects
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